Delta Investment Tracker launches NFT explorer as part of growing market

Delta, the investment tracker, said today that it is going to start tracking nonfungible tokens (NFTs) as well as stocks, crypto, and funds. Users can now look at NFTs alongside their stock, crypto, and fund holdings.

Delta is a multi-asset explorer that gives users a single, clear, and complete picture of their investments. A new app lets people see and track all of their cryptos, stocks, NFTs, and funds in one place. It gives them the tools and charts they need to stay on top of their money and make better decisions.

If you want to keep track of your NFTs, you can connect your Web3 wallet to the Delta app. This way, you can see your NFTs along with your other assets. If you want to use multichain later this year, you’ll need a wallet for both Ethereum and multichain. View the NFTs you own and keep track of more than 18 million NFTs.

Nicolas Van Hoorde, CEO of Delta, said, “Most retail investors today are using a lot of different financial apps, which makes it hard to keep track of their investments.” Delta is the first app that lets people see all of their investments, including NFTs, in one place. Delta has connections to more than 5,000 banks and brokers.

The year 2021 was the year that NFTs truly became commonplace in the world. If you look at a report from NonFungible, the value of all NFT transactions around the world rose 21,350 percent from $82.5 million in 2020 to more than $17 billion.

: “Delta helps people make smart financial decisions by giving them a clear picture of their assets and giving them the tools they need to analyze their wealth.” People don’t usually invest in NFTs because they aren’t traditional assets. We think that NFTs will be a part of many people’s portfolios, and we are very excited about adding them to the Delta universe. Users should be able to see their NFTs and find new collections through our app, and we hope they enjoy it.

On April 13, at 5 pm UTC, Delta is hosting a live webinar on NFTs with Hoorde and Bert Dries, a Belgian creator who became a crypto millionaire overnight by selling his own NFTs. Hoorde and Dries will talk about how NFTs work. Registration is free and can be done at You can also sign up at

There are more than 27 million people on eToro, the most popular social investment network. Delta is a part of eToro.

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