Can EverGrow Coin Be the Next SHIBA INU?

  • EverGrow Coin lets holders earn BUSD rewards when they hold EGC.
  • The project launched recently and got 110,000 holders according to BSC Scan.
  • The EGC token currently has a $400 million market capitalization.

EverGrow Coin (EGC) was recently launched, reaching 110,000 holders very quickly. The project works on an autonomous frictionless yield farming and liquidity generation protocol. With the platform, users can hold EGC tokens and earn BUSD rewards.

At the moment, users who are holding EGC tokens can get an 8% reward from every buy and sell transaction within the EGC ecosystem. The rewards will be given in Binance USD (BUSD) and will reflect in the holder’s wallet automatically. The team also mentioned that the token has a deflationary mechanism that lets it have more scarcity over time.

According to the EGC team, the token has better utility than SHIBA INU. They believe that since the popular meme coin offers very little utility and is valued a lot more than EGC, their platform has the potential to grow just as big or even bigger than SHIB.

The team also announced that they will release a wallet that rivals the features of Trust Wallet and Safemoon Wallet. They also mentioned that they have already launched a Swap DApp.

Recently, the EGC market capitalization surprisingly grew quickly to $1 billion but was marked to be an error on CoinMarketCap. This resulted in a panic among investors that was exploited by a series of articles, rumored to have been paid for by rivals of the project. However, this has been quickly resolved by the EGC team’s quick response and has been fixed ever since.

Currently, the project has over $400 million in market capitalization and trades at the price of $0.0000008185 according to coin information websites at the time of writing.

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